Annual Meeting 2015- Virtual Experimentation and Simulation

Digitalization and R&D - Virtual Experimentation and Simulation:

Building on the success of IRI’s first strategic research platform, the IRI2038 Futures Study, we have launched our next ground-breaking study: ‘The Next Industry Revolution: Digitalization and its Implications for R&D Management’. The Virtual Experimentation & Simulation team is one of three examining topics under this theme. 

At the Annual Meeting, the Virtual Experimentation & Simulation team will launch their research questions:
•    What principles should an R&D organization use to determine when to leverage VE&S, especially from a confidence and value perspective?
•    What are the best practices and pitfalls in leveraging VE&S for companies?
•    What new business capability and/or opportunity could be created in the next 5-10 years when VE&S is combined with other technological advancement?