Annual Meeting 2016 - Big Data: Digitalization and R&D Management

The Big Data project is part of IRI’s strategic research platform on Digitalization and its Implications for R&D Management. Their goal is to answer the following research questions:

  • How will Big Data inform R&D activities?
  • How will Big Data enable new R&D activities?
  • How will Big Data disrupt traditional R&D?

The team has already released their first deliverable, the Big Data Primer, and is currently working on case studies of examples of Big Data used in R&D. They are looking for additional case studies from within and outside the IRI membership. They will present their findings, including a Big Data use maturity matrix, at the 2016 Member Summit.

Team members: Jeff Alexander; David Legan; Mike Blackburn (Cargill); Diego Klabjan (Northwestern University)