Annual Meeting 2016 - Collaboration: Digitalization and R&D Management

The Collaboration project is part of IRI’s strategic research platform on Digitalization and its Implications for R&D Management. During this interactive session participants are invited to investigate the intersection of boundariless collaboration and on-demand collaboration. Participants will be given a technical challenge, framed in different ways, to test the team's two main assumptions:

  1. technical experts, non-experts, and “crowds” look at problems differently; and 
  2. how a problem is framed (to each audience) could change / hinder / accelerate finding a solution.

They will present their findings at the 2016 Member Summit.

Team members: Stephanie Orellana, NineSigma; Terry Rosenstiel, USG; Kathryn Keeton, University of Texas – San Antonio (SME); Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, NYU (SME); Felicia Ng, Carnegie Mellon University (SME)