Annual Meeting 2016 - Lean Startup in Large Organizations

ROR Stage: gathering and analyzing data

Lean Start-Up is a new process for product development that can enhance the stage gate process and is more suitable for developing products when there is high uncertainty in the market and/or technology – characteristics that typically occur in transformational and disruptive innovations. The lean start-up methodology had its beginnings in small companies (Eric Reis, The Lean Start-Up, Crown Publishing, 2011; Steve Blank, What the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything, HBR, May 2013). Large companies such as GE, Goodyear, and Intuit have begun to adopt the process. As large companies are fundamentally different than start-ups, the methodology, practices, pitfalls and lessons from small start-ups will have limited applicability to large companies. Accordingly, the purpose of this ROR is to learn how lean start-up is actually used in large companies, which industries it might easily be applied to and which industries need to modify and adapt the process (for example, heavily regulated industries such as medical may have difficulty with early prototyping), the implementation methodology, best practices, and lessons learned. 

Team members: Jim Euchner, Goodyear; Norm Golm, Regal Beloit; Tim Dennison, Sealed Air; Peter Koen, Stevens Institute (SME)