Annual Meeting 2016 - Using Megatrends for Strategic and Tactical Planning

Breakout Session

Individual firms and other organizations derive useful insight from understanding technology megatrends to inform a variety of strategic and tactical decisions across the innovation lifecycle. These analyses can be performed for a variety innovation stages, and in the context of differing scenarios (e.g. industry groups or associations building technology roadmaps, single firms discerning broad strategy from technology megatrends, single firms seeking tactical decision making). How an organization conducts megatrend analysis, and what they derive from the analysis will vary by the context of their needs, thus it is important to highlight the distinctions in context and innovation intent, and the associated shifts in methodology. 

Participants explore the different uses of technology megatrend analyses and the actionable outcomes that are derived from the analyses. Real-world case studies are used to highlight varying context for the analysis, and to prompt interactive discussion among participants.