Author Tips for Promoting RTM Articles

In publishing in RTM, you join a distinguished community of academic researchers and practitioners. Research-Technology Management and Taylor & Francis are committed to promoting your work to a wide and diverse audience. You can help extend the reach and impact of your article, too. Here are a few simple things you can do to raise the visibility of your work.  

Help us promote your RTM article:

  • Use your free author eprints to spread the word.
    • Use your link to share your article with up to 50 colleagues.
    • Make sure your co-authors are using their eprints to share the work, as well.
  • Use your social media networks—tell your contacts about your article via:
    • LinkedIn—Alert your professional network about your article by posting a status update.  Add your RTM article to the Publications section of your profile.
    • Facebook—Make sure your personal connections know about your recent publication, too! Post a status update mentioning your article. Tag connections you know will find the work interesting, including
    • Twitter—Post a tweet announcing your article. Use hashtags to increase visibility, such as #sustainability or #openinnovation. Tag RTM (@RTMJournal) and IRI (@IRIweb), too.
    • Other academic or professional networking sites—Post status updates and use hashtags and tagging to raise visibility and alert those who might be interested.
    • Your personal blog—Create a blog post announcing your article. Don’t just mention the article, use the post to enrich the article by highlighting an Aha moment or relating something that’s not in the article. Include keywords for search engine optimization and develop a compelling call-to-action heading to attract people to your post.
  • Put a link to your article in your email signature. “Read my article in Research-Technology Management online.”
  • Encourage readership within your organization.


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