Brown Bag - IRI2038 Futures Wheels Webinar

The IRI2038 Futures Audit and Environmental Scan identified over 30 potential future drivers of change in R&D management. Futures Wheels for a few of these were completed at the IRI Member Summit meeting. But we need to complete Futures Wheels for all that remain by mid-January to inform preparations for the ROR Winter Meeting. 

This Futures Wheels Webinar will first review results of the Futures Audit and Weak Signals Environmental Scan. Then we will consider one weak signal (emerging pattern of change that is on the fringe of awareness) and develop its Futures Wheel together as an example. For the purposes of Futures Wheels it is assumed the weak signal or emerging trend will become a major trend. Participants explore possible 1st, 2nd and 3rd order impacts of that future trend.