Brown Bag - Is Your R&D Culture Aligned with the Changing Needs of Your Employees

Today’s younger generation are wired different from their predecessors. Those born between 1977 – 1997, the ‘net generation’ or Generation Y, have a natural ability for all things digital that often does not connect with older coworkers. It is crucial therefore, that a company’s innovation culture connects with and embraces the needs of this critical demographic. Horsup’s interactive and lively presentation highlights specific examples of how to extend your company’s culture to connect with this demographic.

Net Geners think differently. They are intimately involved in social networks and value collaborative innovation over individual successes. They are much more likely to solve challenges through ’crowd-sourcing’ approaches compared to conventional work groups. This demographic comprises more than ¼ of the US population today. 

Attendees come away with a better understanding and appreciation of Net Geners and how this generation can play a crucial role in your organization’s evolving culture.