Call for Papers - RTM Special Issue: From Innovation Experiment to Organizational Transformation

Research-Technology Management, the award-winning journal of the Innovation Research Interchange
(, seeks articles for a special issue exploring the journey From Innovation Experiment to Organizational Transformation.
As market velocity accelerates, flexibility and responsiveness are becoming imperative for continued competitiveness. As a result, corporate innovation functions are experimenting with product development approaches that decentralize decision making and imagine innovation as a rapidly iterating series of experiments. Often, these new systems are adapted from other contexts—Agile, for instance, which originated in software design, or Lean Startup, which (as its name indicates) was designed for the startup world. And increasingly, these innovation-function experiments are serving as templates for rethinking the entire organization. 
RTM is interested in articles about how approaches designed to power flexibility and speed in innovation—like Agile, Lean Startup, and open source movements—are reshaping organizations themselves. We seek submissions that explore issues related to this phenomenon, including but not limited to:
  • What does the journey look like inside the innovation or development function? What are the challenges to adoption even within a single department?
  • How does the adoption of Agile, Lean Startup, or a similar approach by the innovation function affect the organization as a whole? How do these concepts proliferate through the organization, and to what effect? 
  • What does the process of adapting a small-scale approach like Agile to an entire organization look like? What are the challenges of such a transformation, and what are the payoffs?
  • What effect does the companywide adoption of such an approach have on the innovation function itself, especially when the transformation has its seeds in an innovation experiment? How does it change interactions with other functions? How does it change how the company thinks about innovation and its role in the organization?
  • Does this kind of transformation require a different kind of change management approach than other transformations (for instance, the move to servitization)?
There are, of course, myriad other questions that could form the basis for a compelling article.
RTM articles are original, concise, and practice centered, offering practical information, case studies, and tools and frameworks readers can put to work immediately. We prefer submissions at around 4,000–4,500 words, although we will publish truly groundbreaking pieces as long as 5,000 words. For more information, including author’s guidelines and submission procedures, visit us at
To be considered for the special issue, articles should be submitted by February 1, 2019, via RTM’s Editorial Manager system at Please select Special Issue Article as the article type and note the special issue title in the appropriate space.
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