Chancellor Emeritus of Duke University's School of Medicine and Chairman, Proventys, Inc., Receives 2008 National IRI Medal

Ralph Snyderman, MD, Recognized for his Leadership in Academic Medicine

Boca Raton, FL- For his leadership in transforming Duke University's medical center into an internationally recognized leader of academic medicine and his role as a pioneer in the area of personalized health care, Ralph Snyderman, MD, Chancellor Emeritus and James B. Duke Professor of Medicine, Duke University and Chairman, Proventys, Inc., Durham, NC, has been awarded the national Industrial Research Institute (IRI) Medal. IRI represents senior executives from a wide range of industries whose member companies invest more than $70 billion annually in R&D worldwide. The honor will be presented May 14 during IRI's Annual Meeting, Micro Trends Creating Opportunities, May 12-15, Boca Raton Resort & Club, FL.

“We are proud to honor Dr. Snyderman for setting an important and ongoing trend in integrating academic medicine's core disciplines of education, research, and clinical care toward developing better models of health care for all. In doing so, he helped establish Duke University as an innovative research and development center recognized around the world,” said Edward Bernstein, President, IRI.

Established in 1946, the IRI Medal recognizes and honors leaders of technology for their outstanding accomplishments in technological innovation that contribute broadly to the development of industry and to the benefit of society.

Dr. Snyderman served as Chancellor for Health Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine from 1989 to 2004 and led the transition of the Duke University medical center into an internationally recognized leader of academic medicine. He oversaw the development of the Duke University Health System, one of the most successful integrated academic health systems in the country, and served as its first President and Chief Executive Officer. In addition, he has played a leading role in the conception and development of Prospective Care, a novel approach to personalized health and an evolving model of national health care delivery.

“I am deeply humbled to be recognized for achievements in setting academic medical center standards in creating improved models for delivering health care services, training physicians and other health care professionals, and leading research and development efforts to facilitate personalized medicine. I hope that the models developed at Duke University can provide tools that will improve health care for all,” said Dr. Snyderman.

In 2004, Dr. Snyderman founded, and now Chairs, Proventys, Inc., a Durham, North Carolina-based company that works to transform health care into a personalized and preventative approach through the development of risk assessment and clinical decision support tools.

Snyderman received his M.D., magna cum laude, from the Downstate Medical Center of the State University of New York. He served his internship and residency in medicine at Duke and later worked as a Public Health Officer doing research in immunology at the NIH.

He is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including the 2007 Leadership in Personalized Medicine award. He has been called upon by Congress, the Institute of Medicine, the NIH, and national policy makers to contribute to the debate on health care reform, particularly his concepts concerning prospective care. He has played a prominent role in the leadership of many national organizations and is a member of the Institute of Medicine and the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

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