Community Forum - How do you reduce SDS cycle time?

At our organization, the process of creating safety data sheets (SDS’s) takes a long time and can be very complicated. We are interested in benchmarking with your organization regarding SDS cycle times.






What has your organization done to reduce SDS creation time?

  • Utilize automated SDS generation system connected to ERP system.
  • Biggest benefit came from putting one person in place who has the responsibility for shepherding the SDS request through the process.
  • Set aside specific time/day each week to work on SDS's either new or updating/corrections.  Where limited resources exist bring on part time consultants to assist with this task.
  • We hired an outside consulting firm and they provide only this service for us.  We can turn around a typical SDS in 2 to 5 business days.  Complicated SDS's of course take a bit longer.


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