Community Forum - How does your organization track time and resources?

Most approaches to portfolio management require some way of inputting the effort hours spent on a project.  Some companies require employees to report their time and attribute it to projects, others allow managers to estimate it for an entire organization, and others don’t track at all.  We are looking to understand how different companies approach the topic of time estimating and tracking.  Of note, this will be a two step survey.  The results from the first half of the survey are below.  The second portion of the survey will be sent after the US Thanksgiving holiday. 


3. If NO: Is there a reason why not?
  • Unnecessary overhead
  • Only one person dedicated to that function so easy to simply allocate all of that labour vs finite measurements
  • We make a projection at the beginning of the year
  • Answered no because it is not consistent across the organization; some time track, some do not




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