Community Forum - R&D salary cuts as a result of COVID-19


A: Is your company making R&D salary cuts as a result of COVID-19?  The following are results from 54 member organizations:  

 1. Other: 

  • In addition to pay increases, we also provided $1000 to all employees below executive level to either keep or donate as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Annual salary increases have been postponed until the business impacts of COVID-19 are understood.  
  • Hazard pay is provided for hourly employees who have to come into the office to do their job.
  • Provided incentive pay to all colleagues both exempt and non exempt whose role required they work at our facilities.
  • No change in salary; no salary increase for 2020; bonus will not be given in 2021.


2. Other:  

  • Payroll deferral in 2020 until 2021.
  • 1 week for exempt, indefinite for some nonexempt 
  • 6 months


3. Other

  • All contractors have been let go
  • Both reduction in base pay & temporary furlough (two respondents)
  • Considering furlough but no action taken yet.


4.  Other

  • Employees who are being asked to report to work in support of critical business are being given extra compensation.
  • Possibly for payout in 2021 due to poor economic performance of the company overall.
  • Benefits were clarified for application to COVID-19.


5. Other

  • We've provided 80 additional hours of emergency PTO.
  • Need to use some vacation time.
  • Merit pay cut.
  • Life insurance benefit added and other benefits improved.  No reductions.

6.  Other

  • Already open with social distancing, reduced headcount via shifts being implemented.
  • Currently open with limited staffing.  Planning to slowly ramp up towards full staffing over the next few months.
  • Only for essential R&D work related to COVID-19.
  • Partially open throughout the time, will likely open fully in phases.
  • The labs are open but staffed only with people working on safety and horizon 1 projects.
  • Partially open for critical research.
  • Partial openings in some countries; we are allowing 30% of staff in buildings at a given time.
  • Restricted resources in place.
  • Our lab has been running at about 25% throughout, planning to step up over the next month.
  • Waiting for Governor to announce lifting of stay at home order.
  • Limited to essential operations only.
  • Currently open with essential staff that adheres to social distancing and other preventive steps.

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