Future of R&D Management Study Released by Industrial Research Institute

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Future of R&D Management Study Released by Industrial Research Institute

IRI’s Foresights Research Explores Four Plausible Scenarios of the Future

Arlington, VA (October 29, 2014)—Foresights research allows strategic planners the ability to guide their organizations seamlessly through changes to the business and technology landscape. To aid its growing membership of large-scale, technology innovation companies, the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) conducted an 18-month study into the future of R&D management called IRI2038. After concluding their study earlier this year, IRI has released the summary and conclusions of their work as an interactive web document and as a print on-demand book.

"Reading over this project’s final results, and reviewing all the work our members poured into the research, provides a wonderfully imaginative narrative about the future," said Ed Bernstein, IRI president. "It’s only when you back up and realize that this isn’t science fiction, that these are truly plausible scenarios of how the next 25 years might play out based on insights from current technology leaders, that you get a sense of how rapidly transformative our industries have become."

The IRI2038 leadership developed four plausible scenarios of the future of R&D management during their research. Each scenario carries similarities, but each is unique in what it means for future technology leaders. Emphasizing that foresights research is not about making predictions, the scenarios instead provide a general guide of what to look for as technology changes over time. It acts as a guide on how to adjust a company’s strategic plans based on what technologies emerge and how they might affect other areas of technology and society.

Discover how changes to technology and production might allow Africa to overtake the developed world in building a new economy for innovation. Explore the impact 3D printing might have on how we develop new products, and the potential for small-scale manufacturing markets to emerge that churn out products without beta testing, forcing users to build reputation markets around producers. These scenarios and more are investigated in IRI’s interactive document and print on-demand book," IRI2038 Futures Study," which can be found in the IRI Bookstore.

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