Future Summit 2013 - Challenges for the Sustainable Future

Challenges for the Sustainable Future: Profit Mr. Dave Whorton, Founder & Managing Partner, TugBoat Ventures

The key force of progress is the entrepreneur. Because of their creativity, we have jobs, improved welfare, social mobility, economic growth, and effective markets. Yet, a common worry is that we are not getting the breakthrough innovation of decades ago. Instead of dreaming of flying cars, we get 140 characters—to borrow from Peter Thiel. Is it that entrepreneurs today are less creative, less ambitious, less persistent and more mercenary than their predecessors? Or, is it that the “rules” have changed so significantly in the last decade that the once breakthrough ideas now wilt under the short-termism of the private and public markets? From his experience as a serial entrepreneur and lifecycle investor, Dave Whorton will explore this theme during his conversation about “profits.”