Future Summit 2013 - Innovation Culture

Innovation Culture ROR Stage: project forming

This ROR will examine how culture within an organization can impact the level of innovation coming from it. The ROR team hypothesizes that there is not just one innovative culture that is optimal for all organizations, but there is segmentation in innovation cultures. Focus will include: •    Determine how companies are organized to foster an innovation culture and what type of segmentation exists •    Find several examples of companies that excel with innovation in each segment •    Identify a toolbox of techniques across segments that can be applied to organizations to adapt their culture to be more innovative •    Examples of case studies where organizations have adapted their culture to be more innovative •    Publish findings

Team Members: Michel Daage, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering; Richard Dodge, Kimberly-Clark; Bob Rodenbeck, Delta Faucet; Stewart Witzeman, Eastman Chemical ; Susan Ward, ITECS (SME)