Future Summit 2013- Innovation in Sustainable Materials

The Opportunity for Innovation in Sustainable Materials & Manufacturing
Mr. Dan Cherian, General Manager, Sustainable Business & Innovation Lab, Nike, Inc.

To illustrate the need for innovation in sustainable materials and manufacturing, consider the following global statistics:

•    In 2010, 150 billion garments were produced worldwide;
•    A dye house uses up to 200 tons of water for each ton of fabric it dyes; and
•    By 2015, the global apparel industry is expected to produce enough fabric each year to cover the entire state of California (400 billion square meters).

The sustainability challenges we face, such as bringing to scale the use of innovative new materials and manufacturing processes, are much broader than a single company alone can address. Through partnership and collaboration, we can work together to be as innovative about how we produce these goods as we have historically been in what we produce.