Future Summit 2013 - Opportunity Insight to Customer Delight

Opportunity Insight to Customer Delight
ROR Stage: gathering & analyzing data

This ROR seeks to identify how to increase effectiveness of R&D by delighting customers. Participants explore...What is customer delight, really? How do different activities like Voice of Customer, Ethnography, Industrial Design, R&D impact customer delight? Who are the key players/functions, what are their roles? What are the performance metrics that drive effective outcomes? Who are leaders in this area? What are the leadership attributes for customer delight and where are they on the maturity continuum? How does this fit within the product life cycle? And most importantly, how can I use this back at my office to change behavior and drive growth. An on-0line survey will be introduced and IRI member companies are encouraged to complete the survey.

Team Members: Thom Nealssohn, MASCO; Dan Kussman, Boston Scientific; Kent Crawford, Schneider Electric; Eric Wallis, Green & Tweed; Pam Henderson, New Edge (SME)