Future Summit 2013 - Supplier Innovation Relationships

Reinventing Supplier Innovation Relationships ROR Stage: gathering & analyzing data

This ROR seeks to explore how IRI firms structure supplier relationships to: •    Identify enabling supplier technologies 3-5 years out •    Encourage suppliers to focus their technical efforts in key areas of the IRI firm’s business interests •    Jointly develop and co-create enabling technology •    Identify the factors that suppliers use to allocate their best technology to customer firms The goal is to identify practices that allow IRI firms to improve technical relationships with key suppliers and increase the level of supplier innovation delivered to the business.

Team Members: Kimberly Williams, Pepsico; Karen Milley, J. M. Smucker; Brian Skerry, Sherwin-Williams; Surendra Chawla, Goodyear; Kent Crawford, Schneider Electric; Jorge Pena, Schneider Electric; Sridhar Ranganathan, Kimberly Clark; Ron Dressler, Hershey;Sue Burek, Ingersoll Rand; Jeff Hynds, Ingersoll Rand; John Gibb, ConocoPhillips; Gene Slowinski, Rutgers University (SME)