IRI Honors Dr. Ashok V. Joshi with the Institute’s 2009 Achievement Award

Ceramatec President rewarded for his “exceptional work” on behalf of the R&D Industry

BOSTON, Mass., May 21, 2009– The Industrial Research Institute (IRI) honored Dr. Ashok Joshi, president of Ceramatec, last night with its 2009 IRI Achievement Award.

The award, established in 1973 and presented to Dr. Joshi at IRI’s 2009 Annual Meeting in Boston, recognizes outstanding accomplishment in individual creativity and innovation that broadly contributes to the development of industry and to the benefit of society.  

“IRI is honoring Dr. Joshi for his exceptional work as a scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and leader. Over the course of his career, he has driven innovation and worked tirelessly to bring inventions and solutions to the marketplace,” said Edward Bernstein, IRI President.

Dr. Joshi received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1972 and worked as a leading researcher for several prominent companies, including Ray-O-Vac.   After Joshi established himself as a leading researcher in the United States, hereturned to his native India and founded the nation’s first button cell battery development and manufacturing company. His work earned him the first National Small Business Entrepreneurial Award given by the President of India.

Dr. Joshi then came back to the United States and joined Ceramatec, where he established the company’s Cerion business division and added 75 patents to the company’s portfolio.  Joshi developed and marketed the company’s first commercial products—including oxygen analyzers and sensors—that are sold across the globe.

Dr. Joshi rose to the position of president and CEO, and in 1999 he acquired Ceramatec in a management buyout. Under his leadership, the company grew 300 percent between 2000 and 2008. 

“Ceramatec has become a worldwide leader in the development of ionic technologies and devices through hard work and a strong commitment to innovation and R&D,” Dr. Joshi said. “I am particularly honored to receive this prestigious award from an organization that is dedicated to advancing technological innovation in industry.”

While his work with Ceramatec has brought him global prestige, Dr. Joshi’s philanthropy work has been equally impressive.  He developed and built three schools in rural India—one of them specializing in work with mentally disabled children. 


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