IRI Partners with R&D Magazine for 2016 Global Funding Forecast

Global R&D Investments Trending Upward

ARLINGTON, VA (January 5, 2016)—A partnership between the Industrial Research Institute’s (IRI) Research-Technology Management (RTM) journal and R&D Magazine has aggregated their respective survey findings of R&D spending habits at global firms into a single report featured in full in R&D Magazine, and in excerpt in RTM. The report combines the data from R&D Magazine’s annual global funding forecast and RTM’s annual R&D Trends Forecast report featuring their signature sea change index.

This invaluable resource, drawn from the expertise of leaders in industry and academia, is a public service for policy makers, educators, researchers, economists, innovation leaders and many others worldwide. The results also depict a healthy, growing global economy.

The rate of growth in R&D funding in 2015, and the location of that growth, are both significant. Trends are showing a return to growth, with only minor caveats, across most areas of R&D spending. The increase in R&D investment in Asia, particularly China, and the consecutive annual growth in R&D spending in North America indicate a period of stability, security and healthy competition across industrial sectors. Despite the insecurities in certain parts of the world, interest in scientific and technological progress marches on across developed markets.

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