Jim Euchner and Abhijit Ganguly of Goodyear Honored with 2015 Holland Award


Award-winning Article Explores the Practice of Business Model Innovation at Goodyear  

Chicago, IL (October 20, 2015)–Capturing and distilling lessons learned from the management of complex business ecosystems, like new product development, is no easy task. To honor the men and women who take the time out of their busy schedules to lay out their key findings in managing such ecosystems, the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) presents the Maurice Holland Award to the individual or individuals who published the best paper in their official journal, Research-Technology Management (RTM), the year before. This afternoon, Abhijit Ganguly, Manager of Business Model Innovation at Goodyear, and Jim Euchner, Vice President of Global Innovation at Goodyear, were recognized with the 2015 Holland Award for their article, “Business Model Innovation in Practice.”  

“Business model innovation is discussed at length wherever we, as business leaders, turn,” said Tom Kavassalis, IRI Board Chairman and Vice President of Strategy and Alliances at the Xerox Innovation Group. “What makes this paper remarkable is its straight-forward practicality and the way it clearly explains what exactly business model innovation is; something that is occasionally lost, or forgotten, in our discussions.”  

The article was selected according to the criteria of significance to the field of R&D, technology, and innovation management; originality of new management concepts; and excellence in clarity of presentation. In their article, Ganguly and Euchner explore systematic approaches to developing new business models and identify concrete steps to reducing the risks associated with them. It draws on existing literature as well as their experience developing and implementing new business models at Goodyear.  

Ganguly delivered acceptance remarks during an awards lunch at the 2015 IRI Member Summit at the JW Marriott in Chicago, IL, this afternoon. The awards ceremony for the Maurice Holland Award is typically held at this annual Summit hosted by IRI. This year, approximately 350 of the nation’s R&D and innovation thought leaders gathered to talk about agile growth strategies. Participants heard from industry experts on the drivers and trends behind the rising emphasis on agile growth strategies, as well as the opportunity to exchange success stories and challenges with fellow members from organizations like Lockheed Martin, ADM, Unisys, Goodyear, Mars, Xerox, NASA, Elevance Renewable Sciences, Kimberly-Clark, Cargill, and many more.  

For a copy of the award-winning article, “Business Model Innovation in Practice,” contact Michele Taussig at (703) 647-2588.  

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