Member Summit 2011 - Risk Management in a New Period of Growth

Risk Management in a New Period of Growth
Louis A. Gritzo, PhD, Vice President, Research, FM Global
As companies now look to a new period of growth, R&D organizations are increasingly challenged to create value through innovation in the new reality of an increasingly uncertain world. As R&D leaders seek to increase innovation by encouraging risk-taking in their programs, companies are faced with unprecedented operational risks that threaten their businesses. Globalization, economic and political instability, and increasing vulnerability to natural catastrophes make today’s environment laden with hazards. 

Discuss new approaches for managing operational risks based on over 175 years of research-based engineering for property loss prevention for Fortune 1000 companies. Examine how to overcoming the barriers of cost and risk perceptions through examples of companies that have thrived and grown through effective risk management. As leaders of high-value properties and business operations, IRI members gain new insights that they can implement in their strategy and communicate across their organization in order to enhance innovation and economic competitiveness.