Member Summit 2012- Business Model Innovation Challenges

Business Model Innovation Challenges
Stage: gathering and analyzing data
Innovation outside of the core provides an opportuinity for growth, however, it generally requires a different business model. This ROR idenitifies the challenges associated with business model innovation and provides tools or approaches that induce success in innovation out the core.
Participants should bring their perspectives on business model innovation within their company, identifying challenges that they experience and potential cases for further analysis.

Members can expect to leave with an understanding of the challenges associated with business model innovation, knowledge gained from seven case studies and a perspective from other companies on their approach to business model innovation.

Team Members: Charles Johnson-Bay, Lockhead Martin Corp.; Norman Golm, Regal Beloit Corp.; John Thomas, Regal Beloit Corp.; Ian Elsum, EAG; Peter Koen, Stevens Institute (SME); Larry Schmitt, The Innovo Group (SME); Heidi Bertels, College of Staten Island, CUNY (SME); Mark Johnson, Innosight (SME)