Member Summit 2012 - Early ID of Disruptive Technologies

Early Identification of Disruptive Technologies
Stage: gathering and analyzing data 

Many team members have had disruptive technology impact their businesses in positive and negative ways. This ROR classifies the most effective processes for identitifying disruptive technology early enough so businesses can benefit from the opportunity or prepare a defense.

Session participants will gain an overview of EDIT, the team’s learnings of detection of disruptive technologies and the next steps to achieving the objectives and deliverables. 

Members are encouraged to share insights that could strengthen the approach and learning shared at the session. 

Team Members: Louis Quigley, Moen; Steve Prumo, Energizer; Joseph George, Kellogg; George Wofford, Sealed Air; Jack HIpple, Innovation-TRIZ (SME); H.R. (Pent) Penton, EAG (SME)