Member Summit 2012 - IRI2038 Futures Presentation and Expert Panel

IRI2038 Futures Presentation and Expert Panel
Dr. Ted Farrington, Senior Consultant, AndSpace Consulting
Mr. Christian Crews, Principal, AndSpace Consulting

The IRI2038 Futures Audit and Weak Signals Scans have identified several dozen current and emerging trends that will impact how we manage research and development over the next 25 years. Learn briefly about these results and examine three thought provoking trends in more detail through presentations and a panel discussion. Dr. Ellen Jorgensen, Genspace, explores the future of DIY Biotech and Citizen Science. Dr. John Reynders, AstraZeneca, tells us about the future of scientific computing and the role computers may play after the Turing test is passed. Dr. Joe Dvorak, American Institutes of Research, examines the world of possibilities we will see as the field of human augmentation continues to unfold. 

You’re invited to further investigate these implications and other trends in Thursday’s Futures Wheels workshop.