Member Summit 2012- Sustainability Driven Innovation

Sustainability Driven Innovation Miles P. Drake, PhD, Senior Vice President, Research and Development, Chief Technology Officer, Weyerhaeuser Company Mohammed A. Zaidi, PhD, Executive VP, R&D, CTO (retired), Alcoa, Inc

Vision 2050 spells out a goal and road map to realize "9bm people living comfortably and within the resources of the planet by 2050." The consequences of not achieving this goal are dramatic and the road map is at best a series of tough challenges. As companies are increasingly moving from addressing sustainability as a cost of compliance to using the increasing demand for supply chain sustainability as a source of opportunity, the need for global sustainable solutions to global challenges is becoming a transformational driver for company strategy particularly in renewing existing products and creating space for new innovations.

Attendees gain an overview of Vision 2050 with near term examples of how the imperatives of achieving a sustainable world can shape corporate strategy and business innovation leading to triple bottom line strategic impact.