Member Summit 2012 - Sustainability Maturity Models Report Out

Sustainability Maturity Models - What's Your P3 Score? (Research-on-Research Report Out)

Larry Schwartz, PhD, IP Business-Tech Solutions LLC
John Taylor, Staff Mechanical Engineer, Schneider Electric

Sustainability is often discussed but its diverse meaning is rarely understood. The challenge for this ROR was to help leaders and companies understand and benchmark themselves through the maze of “what is sustainability.” This has required categorizing the key components of sustainability strategy and determining what metrics and design tools to use. We have developed a Sustainability Maturity Model that reveals the layers of maturity for the sustainability process ranging from beginning to leading. Each layer has components of strategy and product design and definitions of what is required to move beyond the current level.

The team used this Sustainability Maturity Model to build a self-assessment tool that allows your company to score itself in fourteen different areas of sustainability. Responses from eighteen companies have tested this assessment tool and provide a basis for future benchmarking. Join us as we share early results of this benchmarking and discover what it means for your organizations sustainability score!