Member Summit 2012 - Technology and Marketing in the Driver's Seat

Putting Technology and Marketing in the Driver's Seat of Innovation

Gregory W. Nelson, PhD, Senior VP and CTO, Eastman Chemical Company

Like championship race cars, winning world-class innovation strategies don't rely on a single component to power them to success. Having a great engine (technology) is just as important as having solid wheels (marketing) to get you across the finish line.

At Eastman Chemical Company, innovation is driving both core growth in its businesses and new opportunities. Its diverse innovation portfolio reflects the combined synergy of technology and marketing in products like TritanTM copolyester and Perennial WoodTM.

In his remarks, Greg Nelson explains Eastman's approach to new businesses and products, from collaborating with customers and external influencers to engaging further down the value chain. Gain excellent take-aways on how to build the relationships and culture that produce differentiated new ideas, technologies and materials.