Member Summit 2012 - Transformational Strategy at Deere

Transformational Strategy at Deere & Company

John F. Reid, PhD, Director, Enterprise Product Technology and Innovation, Deere & Company 

John Deere's transformation into a 21st century global leader in providing solutions to those whose livelihood is linked to the land has been an intentional journey of technology and business model innovation. While their industry may be unique in many ways, the challenges facing innovators within any established industry are the same - how do we know which innovations matter most and how can we accelerate the pace of innovation? John Deere's path has been to build both deeper customer understanding at all levels of the business while creating a unique approach at the enterprise R&D level that combines a global technology network linked with a dedicated advanced marketing group. Six years into the journey John Deere has demonstrated breakthrough success, found some things that work better than others, and created approaches that accelerate innovation across their customer acquisition and product delivery processes. John Reid, Director Product Technology & Innovation, and Jason Brantley, Director Enterprise Advanced Marketing, will share John Deere's innovation journey and the lessons that have been learned.