Member Summit 2014 - 6 Keys to Enabling an Innovation Culture

Six Keys to Enabling an Innovation Culture Richard Lee, PhD, President & Founder, Value Innovation, Inc.

Changing the culture of an organization to enable innovation has been a continuing challenge. Output from IRI Research-on-Research (RoR) Value Innovation teams during the period 1999-2007 was summarized in three papers published in RTM featuring ways to assess and improve a company’s innovation culture (e.g. the Value IQ Tool and the Value Innovation Assessment Tool). This session provides examples and recent insight from companies that have adopted these concepts and the best practices learned in enabling an innovation culture, including the importance of:

1. Having a clear definition of Innovation throughout the organization 2. Adopting, Using and Adhering to a Front End Innovation Process  3. Training ALL functional areas in the Innovation Process. Training board members, suppliers and consultants also helps immensely. 4. The appointment of a proactive Innovation Process champion at the “C” level, most desirably the CEO. 5. An Innovation Process Manager with well-defined responsibilities