Member Summit 2014 - Early-Stage Business Model Innovation

2014 Holland Award Recipient: “Tools for Managing Early-Stage Business Model Innovation” John D. Evans, PhD, Vice President, International Engineering & Technology, Lockheed Martin

This presentation is based on the article published in Sept/Oct 2013 issue of Research-Technology Management and winner of the 2014 Holland Award. Overview - Standard financial metrics do not provide useful or meaningful evaluations of the potential of early-stage ideas that require business model shifts. Lockheed Martin has developed a two-stage approach that combines a modified risk-return framework with a new concept, Innovation Readiness Levels (IRLs). Using a structure analogous to technology readiness levels (TRLs), IRLs offer a quantitative assessment of the organization’s state of readiness to implement a specific business model and a measure of the amount of stress an idea is likely to create for the organization. This evaluation provides a surrogate metric for both required investment and the risk associated with the investment.