Member Summit 2014 - Effective Implementation of R&D Strategy

Effective Implementation of R&D Strategy by Using a Change Management Lens
Michael (Mike) Blackburn, MS, ThD, Portfolio/Program Leader, Cargill Global Research Management
Kimberly Miller, Food R&D HR Manger, Cargill

Strategy execution has long been the nemesis of executives. The 2006 McKinsey Quarterly cited that only 38 percent of the responding global executives reported that their recent transformations actually had a successful impact on performance. McKinsey studied the reasoning and found that there were several prerequisites needed to successfully execute strategic transformation. Key issues identified were 1) being able to appropriately and inspirationally create a vision for change, as well as 2) mobilizing and sustaining the transformation “engine”.
This presentation illustrates how Cargill Research and Development effectively managed the implementation of a new R&D strategy introduced in 2007 by using a change management approach. Topics covered include:

1. What does current research tell us about strategy execution? Why should this issue be focused on by R&D leaders?
2. What is Change Management? Why is it critical to strategy implementation? What change management components play a critical role in assessing and planning the strategy implementation?
3. What were the strategic elements that Cargill R&D identified in 2007?

How did Cargill R&D stage the implementation to have the most impact on a successful transformation? What has been the impact on R&D’s value perception and business contribution?