Member Summit 2014 - The Hollywood Model

The Hollywood Model: Talent Management Implications
Richard Antcliff, PhD, Director, OSACB, NASA Langley Research Center

What if….
•    all of your researchers and engineers were independent of any company?
•    your company’s core competency was bringing together the best team to solve a singular problem or take advantage of a unique market opportunity?
•    you had to work with intermediaries to acquire the best people for the job?
•    the only differentiator you had to offer the team was that they got to work with you on a really cool project?
•    your viability is determined by the successful completion of this project?
You would be operating like a Hollywood Studio. One of the scenarios resulting from the IRI2038 Future Study was the potential of R&D talent moving in the direction of the Hollywood studio model. If this comes to pass there will be significant implications to the way we think and act about our company’s “talent.” Discuss details of the major changes that will take place and specific actions that companies need to take now. This session illustrates several ways that this is already unfolding and how it might be accelerated in the future.