Member Summit 2014 - Managing Remotely

Managing Remotely
ROR Stage: finalizing research approach, gathering and analyzing data

This ROR is examining current knowledge and practices centered on the management and sponsorship of virtual teams. The group aims to produce a management guide on how to manage people in a virtual environment as effectively as they are managed in a co-located environment, without the necessity of excessive “in-person” interactions.
•    How do you make non co-located workers feel included in the team, especially those located within different cultural environments?
•    What tools are available to assist in mentoring, coaching and training in the virtual environment?
•    What are the best modes of communication to address diverse team integration?
•    How do you create the “water cooler” environment that encourages the valuable informal exchange of information and ideas?

Project Progress

•    Reviewed literature list from previous project “Virtual Teams”
•    Team reading and analysis of The Distance Manager by Fisher and Fisher
•    Conducted new literature search focused on remote management
•    Identified several areas of interest around trust, culture, and differing organizational sizes
•    Preparations are being made to survey/interview both managers of remote teams and remote team members

Team Members: Tim Phillips, Schneider Electric; Linda Hicks, Vertellus; Kevin Ambrose, Crown Holdings; Charlie Hall, Dow Corning; Tom Balsano, Solvay; Mike Blackburn, Cargill; Dan Coughlin, ITECS (SME); Susan Ward, ITECS (SME); Alan Fusfeld, Fusfeld Group (SME); Kent Crawford, Schneider Electric (Mentor)