Member Summit 2014 - Sustainability-Driven Innovation

Sustainability-Driven Innovation
ROR Stage: Conclusion, Report Out and Application Clinic

This ROR has explored how sustainability can be used as a source of innovation success and business growth by IRI members: 
•    Carving out new product spaces 
•    Creating new superior products or processes
•    Successfully entering – even creating – new markets

The ROR has determined specific actions that IRI member firms can take to improve effectiveness in leveraging sustainability for innovation success, and also identified typical barriers and how to overcome them. Research has included two surveys and in-depth case studies of eight companies. 

At the Member Summit the Sustainability-Driven Innovation (SDI) Working Group will conduct two activities:

1. Report Out of our findings and recommendations: 

•    Objectives
•    Research and analysis results: “Snapshot Survey”, extended survey, and case studies
•    Conclusions and action recommendations

2. SDI Application Clinic

•    IRI members will have the opportunity to spend 20 minutes with members of the SDI ROR group for their own benefit. Members will briefly describe their company’s position, achievements and challenges related to implementation of sustainability-driven innovation practices. Based on the results of that discussion, members of the SDI ROR will help position the company within the Sustainability Maturity Model and discuss with the representatives possible steps the organization could take to implement sustainability-driven innovation at their company. 

Team Members: Sam Kogan,Gen3 Partners; Sue Burek, Newell Rubbermaid (Mentor); Tawnya Rabuck, Armstrong; Phil Metz, SingingDog (SME); Larry Schwartz, Intellectual ASSETS, Inc. (SME)