Member Summit 2014- Tomorrow's R&D Leader

Envisioning Tomorrow's R&D Leader J. Stewart Witzeman, PhD, Director, Eastman Innovation Center, Eastman Chemical Pamela Henderson, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, NewEdge, Inc.

The world is changing rapidly and so is the nature of R&D and its management. While some of those changes are obvious, as are the responses to them, more often than not they are subtle and challenge how we have done things in the past. These subtle changes can negatively impact the efficiency and effectiveness of our traditional management practices. What aspects of this change are directly impacting the leadership of R&D? 

Explore five core activities of the R&D leader and the trends impacting them. The five cores are:

•    The role of R&D  •    Leadership of the R&D organization  •    Networks – both internal and external  •    Content creation and dissemination  •    Innovation at the seams 

This study provokes thought on the future state of R&D leadership, challenging leaders to recognize the change early for a more thoughtful and strategic response. By adapting sooner to the changes before us, we will be more likely to continually drive our organizations toward excellence.