Member Summit 2015 - The Bird Model

The Bird Model: An Agile Approach to Innovation
Don Creswell, Co-founder and Vice President, SmartOrg, Inc.

Innovation is inherently a messy process. There is little linearity as projects and products move from ideas through development, to commercialization and fulfilling revenue-growth or cost-reduction projections. A sad truth is that as many as 70 to 80 percent of innovative products fail. By adapting the concepts of agile development – gleaned from experience with agile software development – companies can significantly improve the success ratio of their investments in R&D, NPD and innovation.

We will describe a process co-developed by SmartOrg and Hewlett-Packard over several years work with HP’s inkjet/printer division. We call the process “the Bird Model,” an iterative process based on dealing with the twists and turns faced during the development from an idea to a product ready for launch.