Member Summit 2015 - Impact IoT on a Durables Business

The Impact IoT on a Durables Business

Mark L. Karasek, Executive Vice President of Engineering & Chief Technology Officer, The Chamberlain Group, Inc.
The Chamberlain Group is a traditional consumer and commercial durables company that introduced its first connected product 4 years ago. This move into the IoT (Internet of Things) space has put Chamberlain on a journey from being a durables manufacturer to a connected products and services company, and is deriving wide scale cultural and process change. This talk will focus on the impact of IoT connectivity on a traditional consumer durable business model, providing insights into the organizational, financial, and innovation challenges Chamberlain has encountered in this transition. Chamberlain has added new skill sets to human capital, new capabilities around partnerships (with companies like Apple, Google and Samsung), and new approaches to developing products and services.