Member Summit 2015 - Innovation Culture Report Out

Innovation Culture: ROR Report Out
Richard N. Dodge, II, R&E Senior Technical Director, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Sylvester Taylor, Director - Assessments, Tools, & Publications, Center for Creative Leadership 

The Innovation Culture ROR was formed in February 2013. The working group hypothesis was that R&E organizations can be segmented into groups with similar values, beliefs, and attitudes, and that to increase the innovative capability of the organization, different optimal behaviors exist for these different segments. 

We formed a partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), and leveraged data from their KEYS to Creativity Survey tool, comprising more than 113,800 individual responses from nearly 700 diverse organizations. The measure of innovativeness of the company was derived from the responses to a dozen questions about creativity and productivity in the organization.

The analysis looked at all companies surveyed, and sought to understand what leadership behaviors have the greatest positive impact on innovation level. We then considered four specific leadership behaviors, looked at environments where they exist and where they are absent, and discovered which behaviors a company could focus on in each case in order the improve innovative outputs. Within each of these attitudinal segments, we sought to determine practices to implement these optimal behaviors in order to enhance innovation.

We provide concrete examples of these practices implemented in organizations. Case studies from literature are provided which illustrate how companies incorporate the beneficial leadership dimensions, and further examples will be sought from IRI members.