Member Summit 2015 - Weak Ties Breakout

Weak Ties in Innovation Break Out

Go in depth with our ongoing research into weak ties and innovation and explore a tool that can be used to diagnose trust issues inhibiting innovation within and between organizations. You will be encouraged to use the tool to improve relationships between individuals and within teams to foster collaboration. The tool can also be used to help make weak ties more productive by facilitating sharing of knowledge and information, either through changing individual behaviors or re-engineering aspects of organizational design that frustrate innovation. Insights into the application of the tool will be shared between IRI members to enable you to deploy it in situations in which you need to overcome barriers to innovation and foster new relationships.

Facilitators: Andrew Maxwell, York University; Helen Leighton, Leighton Maxwell, Inc.

Team: Natalie Schoch, PhD, Director, Knowledge Management Kellogg Company; Leonard Huskey, Associate for Corporate Programs, U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Robert McNamee, Temple University (SME)