Member Summit 2016 - Clinical Trial Data Lake for R&D Organizations

We will review through a use case how a life science customer leveraged Big Data solutions to address challenges in deriving insights from the large data repository from diverse sources and to develop predictive and prescriptive business models from the data strategy for their R&D group. Customer wanted data collocated in common place from diverse source systems to be made available for data analysis and data visualization. Customer also wanted to off-load data from some of the existing expensive systems to a cost effective system for analytics and data visualization. We worked with customer to develop models to process both structured and unstructured data on Hadoop and build reporting layer on aggregate data for visualization using BI tools. We started with successful POC with ammonized data to demonstrate the art of feasible prior to full development. The value of the transformation to the customer is that they are now able to leverage the data that they always had, with the transformation they were able to improve FDA approval cycle and drug trial feedback with the Big Data solutions. In the presentation we will share the approach and discuss the results of the transformation.