Member Summit 2016 - Digitalization and R&D: Virtual Experimentation & Simulation Report-Out

Investment in Virtual Experimentation and Simulation (VE&S) in R&D is growing rapidly across industries. Technology has matured and investment barriers are decreasing to tolerable levels. However, these are still early days, and we have yet to see the full potential of VE&S. Therefore, it is important to get a reading on best practices and pitfalls from early adopters. Hear the preliminary results of an ongoing study by the VE&S in R&D research team. The research plan for this study captured information around the evolution of VE&S use in organizations, best practices for adoption, as well as opportunities for the future. This was done through a comprehensive literature review, one-on-one interviews with practitioners, and a broad ranging survey of member organizations. As the study nears its completion, it has already uncovered many interesting insights. Learn the best practice findings from the literature review including specific case studies, analysis of the survey data, as well as insights from a maturity matrix that was developed to capture results from the interviews.