Member Summit 2016 - Past, Present, and Future of Simulation at John Deere

Track the history of simulation and analysis at Deere & Co. and hear about Deere’s vision for the near and far futures. Current analysis activities at John Deere are focused on verification and validation of intermediate or final designs usually at a component or sub-system level. Models tend to be single-use and are created manually. Multi-physics and multi-discipline models are rare and difficult to create and solve. To continue delivering quality, high performing machines in the future an integrated, automated digital ecosystem will be required to truly achieve model-based systems engineering (MBSE). 

Simulations will be vital in determining requirements, synthesizing designs, and these performance models will be treated as IP assets similar to 3D CAD. Model-based design has been present for some years, but with the increasing complexity of our machine systems MBSE is necessary to help our design engineers succeed at managing complexity, changing requirements, emergent behavior, and competing multi-discipline objectives. John Deere’s journey to enabling MBSE includes both technology development and a cultural shift of how work is performed.