Member Summit 2017 - Adding Sustainability to the NPD Toolbox

Over the past five years, two ROR groups have examined how sustainability can be factored into R&D. Focusing on the planet (environment) portion of the triple P (people, planet and profits, P3), the first ROR proposed a sustainability maturity model that allowed companies to visualize where they were in the sustainability hierarchy. A second ROR, Sustainability Driven Innovation (SDI), examined sustainability driven innovation as a methodology for companies to use sustainability as a way to drive innovation. At the conclusion of the SDI ROR, clinics were run to help and advise companies with an interest in sustainability to move forward. These clinics revealed it was difficult for companies, even with the flow chart, to move forward without more prescriptive advice. In order to understand and overcome the difficulty that many companies had in visualizing how they would use SDI, it has been the aim of this third ROR to help overcome the gap between a high level view on the importance of sustainability to a “how to do it” with examples of businesses originally in different phases of the maturity model. 

Team: Debbie Kalish (Ingersoll Rand), John Taylor (Schneider Electric), Larry Schwartz (IP Business Tech Solutions), Amy Costello (Armstrong Flooring)