Member Summit 2017 - John Deere's Campus Party Experience Case Study

Engaging the most creative and innovative young people in Latin America is not always straightforward, especially for a 180 year old American company. John Deere participated for the first time in Brazil's Sao Paulo Campus Party, 2016 edition. 

Campus Party is a great technological experience bringing together young geeks in a festival of innovation, creativity, science, entrepreneurship, and entertainment. This week-long event gathered thousands of innovators, techies, and entrepreneurs. 

John Deere went in with 2 primary motives: 

  • Would millennials be interested in innovating in the Ag sector?
  • Would they be interested in our brand? 

The result was a resounding yes. Yet that was just the start. The integration of this young talent in our innovation ecosystem is still to be realized in a sustainable form. 

Learn more the Campus Party event and John Deere's participation as well as key outcomes in terms of engagement. Explore what this experience has taught John Deere about working with millennials, their agility to learn about a new application field (agriculture), and our plans to integrate their talent in our innovation efforts.