RTM - The Emergent Possible

After facilitating a strategy retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I had six hours before my flight to hike in the Grand Tetons National Park. For my first visit ever to the park, I consulted the Internet, hotel staff, and a park ranger to plan the perfect loop, a route that promised to bring me close to the Snake River, provide the chance to see some wildlife and views of the iconic Teton Range, and get me back to the airport with time to spare. Ten minutes into my walk, that plan went out the window. Around every bend, the trail brought new animals to see, incredible vistas of the mountains, and beautiful pictures to take. Again and again, I deviated from my route to see better or to get that perfect picture. I was the last one on the plane; I dropped into my seat sweaty and mosquito bitten but immensely happy after a frantic run back to my car at the end of the trail. My perfectly designed plan was replaced just after my first steps into the unknown, and the result was beyond anything I could have expected.

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