RTM - the Future of Fintech

Fintech is fast becoming a global phenomenon, led by innovators and followed closely by academics, and now drawing the attention of regulators. Broadly, fintech is an umbrella term for innovative technology-enabled financial services and the business models that accompany those services. In simpler terms, fintechcan be used to describe any innovation that relates to how businesses seek to improve the process, delivery, and use of financial services. While its impact to date has primarily been felt in developing economies like China and India (Ernst & Young 2017Ernst & Young. 2017. EY FinTech Adoption Index: Fintech Services Poised for Mainstream Adoption in the US With 1 in 3 Digitally Active Consumers Using Fintech. Press release, June 28.https://www.ey.com/us/en/newsroom/news-releases/news-ey-fintech-adoption-index [Google Scholar]), it promises to force legacy financial institutions in developed economies to clarify their strategies, develop new capabilities, and transform their cultures.

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Volume 62, Issue 4, July-August, 2019