RTM - Idea-to-Launch Gating Systems: Better, Faster, and More Agile

The original Stage-Gate process was created in the late 1980s to meet the need to build best practices into new-product projects in a more systematic and disciplined fashion (Cooper 1990 Cooper, R. G. 1990. Stage-Gate systems: A new tool for managing new products. Business Horizons 33(3): 44–54.
[CrossRef], [Web of Science ®]). Indeed, the original Stage-Gate idea-to-launch system was based on an in-depth study of successful intrapreneurs within major corporations as they drove new products to market. Their practices provided the foundation for that early stage-and-gate model. Overall, the Stage-Gate process has had a positive impact on the conception, development, and launch of new products. It has proved a flexible and powerful tool, evolving to incorporate new practices, such as portfolio management, continuous improvement through post-launch reviews, effective ideation (via the addition of Stage 0, Discovery), and spiral or iterative development for constant product validation...

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Volume 60, Issue 1, January-February 2017
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