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Europe in Race to Harness 5G
The race is on to realize the vision of a next-generation mobile network capable of communicating with autonomous cars, androids, and drones in near real time.

Pavement Power
The ground beneath your feet soon could provide the energy to power machines, buildings, and even electric cars. While the principles are well understood and the goal has motivated innovators around the globe for the past decade, most projects have been little more than novelties designed as proofs-of-concept. In the last couple of years, however, a combination of engineering improvements and increased government interest in the idea has spurred serious consideration and study—and real advances.

Innovation Flashback

Where Engineers and Life Scientists Meet
Engineers and specialists in life science and biomedicine have different professional worldviews. But increasingly they find themselves collaborating in the effort to find solutions to the most fundamental and complex problems in understanding and treating disease. To support collaborations among life scientists, engineers, and data specialists, a few universities are creating multidisciplinary research centers aimed at exploring interdisciplinary approaches to medical issues.

Structural Engineering Advances When Buildings Fall
Hurricanes, earthquakes, rising sea levels, terrorist attacks, and war can be traumatic events for built environments, often leaving rubble in their wake. The increase in such events in recent years is driving development of new tools and novel ideas for designing buildings to resist these destructive forces. 

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Volume 61, Issue 1, January-February 2018